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We sell event tickets and provide tips and information about nice events in Lund!

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Opening hours from 15 June 2020

Regular opening hours

Monday - Friday: 11-17
Saturday: 11-15

About Biljettbyrån

The ticket office organizes events for local and national / international organizers. These tickets can be purchased over the counter at Biljettbyrån, at, via Ticketmaster's contact center on telephone 0771-70 70 70 and via Ticketmaster agents.

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The ticket office is part of Visit Lund AB

As of 1 May, Biljettbyrån is part of the destination company Visit Lund AB. The company Visit Lund AB, which is a municipal company, has as its object its activities to support the development of existing and new players in the hospitality industry, support and participate in the development of existing and new visitor destinations, destination marketing and reception services and related activities.

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