Seniors and risk groups

The Public Health Agency advises everyone over the age of 70 to stay at home and do not go out in public as well as limiting close contact with others. This means, as much as possible avoid large gatherings of people, e.g. public transport, shops or public premises.

People within the risk groups should also be careful when outside. People over 70 in combination with underlying diseases, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, lung disease or diabetes, belong to the risk groups.

Read more about risk groups on the Public Health Agency’s website

Support for everyday errands

If you belong to a risk group, there are volunteers who are happy to help you (e.g., shopping for food, going out with the dog or buying non-prescription drugs). Volunteer service is primarily aimed at those who do not already have support from Lund municipality and prioritized for those belonging to risk groups. You can apply for support by signing up via the e-service or call us.

Here you can call if you need help: 046-359 48 72

I am in need of support

No visitors to elderly homes, short-term housing and LSS housing

The government has decided to impose a ban on visiting all of the country's retirement homes to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In order to protect our residents, we do not receive any visitors to the municipality’s elderly housing, short-term housing and LSS housing. Obviously, some exceptions are made in consultation with the unit manager if there are special reasons, such as palliative care.

In LSS housing, exemptions can be made depending on the infection risk of the residents. Any exceptions are decided in consultation between the unit manager and the operations manager.

If you have any related questions or would like to get in touch with a resident, you are welcome to call us.

Nursing homes

Group housing for people with disabilities

Service housing for people with disabilities

Short-term accommodation Höjeågården

Home care

The home service has clear hygiene routines that we are currently adhering to with extra diligence. We follow the Public Health Agency's directive for health care professionals and take the situation very seriously. All staff are under strict directives to stay at home with even mild symptoms. We also urge you to follow the recommendation of the Public Health Agency to stay at home for two symptom-free days. The staff uses protective equipment when the nurse assesses that there is a need for it.

If absenteeism increases among our staff, it can affect you. We always do our best to get you the support you need, but kindly ask you for your understanding if your scheduled visits need to be changed due to high staff absenteeism.

We may be forced to visit you at another time than you might otherwise be used to, or we may need to adjust or move some of your routine services to another time. You may also notice that other staff members may come to your home if we need to cover absence with temporary staff.

We always contact you if there is a long delay or if someone new from our staff visit who you are not acquainted with or even if we need to adjust or move some of you routine services to another time.

Meeting points and lunch restaurants closed

The municipality will keep lunch restaurants and meeting points for retirees closed until 19 June. If necessary, this may be extended.

Daily activities

Our daily operations are open, but with some adjustments. We no longer have visitors to our facilities, such as shops and cafés. The number of activities has also decreased and both staff and participants participate less among our various activities.

If you or a relative belong to a risk group, you have the opportunity to work from home. Thus you will receive a rehabilitation allowance for the days it was planned that you would have been working.

If you do not belong to a risk group you will receive rehabilitation allowance if you are at home because of illness. If you are at home because you are worried about being infected, you will not receive any compensation. Stay at home if you are sick and remember that the Public Health Agency recommends two symptom-free days before returning to your workplace. Contact your daily workplace if you have any questions

List of daily operations


As a relative of a person at risk for Corona Covid-19, you have an important role to play. You can help and support your loved ones by:

  • inform about the Public Health Agency's recommendations for risk groups
  • call or keep in touch by other means
  • help with everyday matters such as shopping or going out with the dog
  • inform about the opportunity to apply for support with everyday errands from a volunteer.

If you, as a relative are worried and would like support, advice or just talk to someone; you are welcome to call the Family Center. We have recently increased telephone time to receive more calls. The support calls are free of charge and we who support you are bound to confidentiality.

Phone number: 046-359 82 40
Phone hours: Monday - Thursday 9.00 –11.00, Wednesday 13.00 - 15.00


Community Care Services Department

Visitors address: Bangatan 10 a, Lund
Postal address: Box 41, 221 00 Lund
Telephone (switchboard): 046-35 50 00