Lund Municipality launches a crisis- package of measures to help Lund's entrepreneurs and associations

March 19, 2020

Concerns stemming from the corona virus covid-19 has hit Lund's entrepreneurs and trade hard. Lund Municipality will now present a number of measures to maintain our vibrant city center, viable companies and rich associations in the future.

– I would like to urge all property owners in this situation to extend rental payment times to our traders as the Lund municipal group is trying to do. We as property owners hold high property value and are not in the same need for liquidity as our commercial tenants are in this situation, says Philip Sandberg, (L), chairman of the city council in Lund.

– We are in a tough situation right now, but it will go over. I am extremely aware that many entrepreneurs and traders are in a critical position. As a municipality, we are now doing everything in our power to make it easier for our businesses in the municipality”, says Christoffer Nilsson, Municipal Director for Lund Municipality.

In concrete terms, the crisis-package of measures for entrepreneurs in the entire municipality of Lund, entails among other things, that the municipality:

  • free parking from 27 March, for a two month-period with a visible parking disc in order to promote the center trade in Lund. Free parking is valid for two hours on street parking and four hours in LKP's parking garage Svanen on Gasverksgatan.
  • allow an exemption from fees for outdoor dining until June 2020 which will allow restaurant owners and pubs the opportunity to expand their seating in connection with their current serving. Even shops are offered the opportunity to use the street space for parts of their business, where possible or suitable.
  • extend payment time on invoices and fees for waste handling, as well as within permits and supervision up to 90 days. Invoices that have already expired from the municipality of Lund will not be charged on the payment date issued.
  • postpone scheduled charges for supervision fees after the summer, instead of debiting in April / May.
  • postpone supervisory visits that are not necessary and instead prioritize critical business permits and supervision matters, as well as reporting errors.
  • offers all organizations and companies (legal entities) that rent premises from the municipality, directly or through any company in the group, an extended payment period / due date on invoices with 90 days, (this does not apply to housing).
  • shorten the payment period to the municipality's suppliers as far as possible, thus further contributing to strengthening the companies' liquidity.