Coronavirus and Covid-19

Lund Municipality is actively monitoring the development of the coronavirus and Covid-19 disease. We have a good handle on the situation and are preparing the organization to be able to change the direction with immediate effect based on changing recommendations from the authorities. The municipality’s focus is to protect the elderly and others who belong to risk groups as well as ensuring socially critical operations function.

The municipality of Lund takes preventive and preparatory measures in its work with the coronavirus. The municipality basis its decisions on the assessments and recommendations of the responsible authorities.

Here we publish ongoing news about the coronavirus and Covid-19 disease (mostly in Swedish)

Infection control measures at bars, restaurants, and similar venues

In order to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, a new law regarding temporary infection control measures in bars, restaurants and similar venues will come into effect as of July 1st, 2020. The law means that those who run a bar, restaurant or similar venues are responsible for ensuring that the indoor spaces of the site as well as outdoor areas (including the entrances) are laid out in such a way that crowding can be avoided and visitors enabled to maintain safe and appropriate social distancing.

Anybody who wants to file comments on bars, restaurants or similar businesses in the Lund municipality is welcome to do so by using the environmental governance's e-mail address or phone number below:
046 – 359 52 61  

Anybody who wants to file comments regarding crowding in public areas such as camp sites, swimming areas, supermarkets, shopping centres, pharmacies, or Systembolaget is welcome to do so by contacting the responsible entity, the County Administration Board, at the following email address or phone number:


Seniors and risk groups

The Public Health Agency advises everyone over the age of 70 to stay at home and do not go out in public as well as limiting close contact with others.

Information about what applies in Lund municipality for seniors and risk groups

Preschools and elementary schools

Lund Municipality complies with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency. This means that healthy children and students are able to attend preschool and school as usual. However, if you are ill or have symptoms, you should stay home two days after recovery.

This is applicable for preschools and elementary schools

Municipal upper secondary schools and adult education

Lund Municipality’s upper secondary schools and adult education comply with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency and the Government. Teaching remotely is currently being conducted.

This is applicable for secondary schools and adult education

Business and companies

Here, as an entrepreneur, you will find information on what measures have been taken to reduce the negative effects on business.

Information for entrepreneurs in regard to the coronavirus and Covid-19

Associations and events

The municipality of Lund has taken measures to minimize any negative impact on associations. Here you will find information on what support is available.

Information for associations and sports organizations

Information on events, meetings and other festivities

The ceremony and celebration for Swedish citizenship has been moved to October

Due to the prevailing situation with covid-19, the city of Lund has decided to move the ceremony and celebration of your Swedish citizenship to October.

More information regarding the ceremony för Swedish citizenship

Think about the credibility of sources

In the event of major events, there is a risk that rumors spread. Remember to have a critical thinking approach when sharing information. The questions Who, What, When, Where, Why and How act as a filter to check credibility of a source. Always check information from multiple sources.

Do you have general questions about the corona virus?

Official information on the new corona virus from
(Official website with emergency information from Swedish authorities)

FAQ in English about the coronavirus
(from the Public Health Agency of Sweden)

Information in different languages about Covid-19 and how to protect yourself and others from infection
(from the Public Health Agency of Sweden)

Information in other languages on WHO webpage

You can get answers to general questions via the national information number 113 13. You can call around the clock.


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