How LSS operations (regulations for social needs) work with covid-19

The municipality of Lund works actively to reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus. We have adapted our operations and work methods to reduce the risks and to make you feel more secure with the support you receive from us. Our employees stay at home even if signs of mild symptoms appear. We are extra careful about basic hygiene practices and use protective equipment as soon as someone shows any signs of symptoms.

Daily activities

Our daily activities are now open again as usual.

If you or someone in your household/family belong to a high-risk group, you have the option to carry out your work from home. In that case, you will receive habilitation compensation as usual for those days you were supposed to attend the activity.

If you do not belong to a high-risk group, you will receive habilitation compensation in case you stay at home due to illness. If you stay at home because you are worried you may get infected with the corona virus, you will not receive any compensation. Stay at home if you are ill and respect the recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency (FoHM), i.e. do not return to work until you have had two symptom-free days.

Consult your daily activity for more information.

All daily activities in Lund municipality

Limited visits to LSS accommodation

In order to protect our residents and minimize the risks of infection, we do not receive any visitors to our LSS housing. In some units, exemptions can be made depending on the risk of infection to residents. Any exceptions are decided in consultation between the unit manager and operations manager. Of course, exceptions can also be made if there exists special circumstances.

If you have any related questions or would like to get in touch with a resident, you are welcome to call us.

Group housing for people with disablities

Service housing for people with disabilities

What happens if there is covid-19 in an LSS accommodation?

As soon as a resident shows symptoms of covid-19, the person will be isolated in his apartment and testing conducted. Our staff will immediately start using personal protective equipment when working with people that exhibit symptoms.

If the resident proves to be positive for covid-19, we will inform relatives and also other persons living within the accommodation along with their relatives that covid-19 has been found. We will maintain close contact with Region Skåne and follow the guidelines they have developed. This means, among other things that:

  • The person who has fallen ill will be isolated in their apartment until they are symptom free and an extra 48 hours. We will only terminate the isolation when an infection-free assessment has been made together with the responsible physician.
  • All residents will remain in their own apartments and we will keep particularly observant of any symptoms that may occur.
  • Only certain staff members will work with the infected person.
  • We will increase cleaning routines and have no joint activities.