Preschools, elementary schools, elementary schools for pupils with learning disabilities with 4-year programs and recreation centers

Lund municipality adheres to the recommendations provided by the government, the Public Health Agency, and Infection Control Skåne. This means that healthy children and students should attend preschool as usual.

What can preschools, schools, and after-school programs do to reduce the transmission of infection?

To reduce the transmission of infection, adjustments are made to the activities in preschools, schools, and after-school programs. The measures vary depending on needs and conditions. Some examples of measures that can be taken are that we:

  • Increase the distance between seats, canteen, and other spaces
  • Avoid large gatherings of children and students
  • Minimize activities that bring many people together
  • Review the possibilities to conduct activities and breaks outdoors

Healthy children must attend school

If your child is fully healthy and attends elementary school or elementary school for children with learning disabilities, it is important that the child comes to school and participates in the teaching. Otherwise the child risks receiving invalid absence.

If a child or student becomes unwell during the day, the child/student needs to go home as soon as possible. If your child does not usually go home alone, we ask you as a parent/guardian to pick up your child as soon as possible once you have been contacted by staff.

This is how we handle information in case of confirmed covid-19 cases in preschools, elementary schools, and elementary schools for students with learnings disabilities

In the event of confirmed covid-19 cases, Lund municipality's municipal preschools and schools follow the recommendations and guidelines provided by the Public Health Agency and Infection Control Skåne. Regarding information, this means that Infection Control Skåne decides which students, guardians and employees are in need of knowing if students and staff have been exposed to possible infection. Those who have been informed that they may have been exposed to infection should stay home at the slightest symptom and test for covid-19.

Information is sent via Unikum regarding the current status of transmission by each school on a weekly basis in accordance with Infection Control Skåne's recommendations.

Who can decide on closure or transition to remote education in case of covid-19?

It is the Child and Education Committee’s presidium who make such a decision on delegation. The decision cannot be made by an individual principal.

How do I know if my child should stay home?

It is important that children and students avoid further transmission of infection in preschool or school. Lund municipality adhere to the recommendations provided by the Public Health Agency and Region Skåne. Information on when children and adults should stay at home can be found on the Public Health Agency's website.

Information on the Public Health Agency's website

When siblings or other family members are sick

Children and students who have siblings or other family members who are unwell should follow the existing recommendations for close household contacts and stay home from preschool and school. Rules of conduct regarding how long the child should stay at home and any recommendations for testing are provided by Infection Control Skåne.

Children do not have to stay at home if a household contact is waiting for test results, although once someone in the household has confirmed covid-19 via test results the child needs to stay at home.

Information about what happens when someone in the household has confirmed covid-19 on

What applies if I, as a guardian or other relative, belong to a risk group?

Guardians cannot keep their children at home in case of risk to themselves if they belong to a risk group. Nor can one refer to other relatives in risk groups. The children's right to education also applies in these cases and the teaching takes place on site for healthy children unless a decision has been made regarding remote education.

What about children who are at home with symptoms - how can they participate in the schoolwork?

The principal is responsible for how the work in each unit is organized so that students who are at home with mild symptoms can participate in the schoolwork. As an example, those responsible for the relevant year level can send information in the weekly newsletter about what will be handled in each subject during the coming week. This way, students who are at home with symptoms, in cases where they have the opportunity to do so, can work with the tasks from home.

Aside from that, things work as per usual: sick children should be at home and rest, healthy children should be at school.

Sick leave

Keep in mind that it is important that you continue to report any absence for your children every day.

Links to Lund municipality's school system can be found on Skolportalen

What if I have been made redundant from work?

There is currently no decision on changing the length of stay in preschools and after-school programs for children whose guardians, in some capacity, have been made redundant from their work. Therefore, the length of stay is currently the same as previously decided – i.e. the same as granted before any redundancy.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions, comments or want to get in touch, you can contact the principal of your child's preschool or school. You can also contact us centrally at the Child and Education Administration via our e-mail address

You can also contact Lund municipality via the Citizen Service Center on 046-359 50 00.