Business and companies

Many companies and associations in Lund’s business sector are hit hard by the effects of the corona pandemic. To provide support, measures have been decided that are aimed at the municipality's traders.

Stimulus package in response to corona

The pandemic has posed major challenges for society, therefore various stimulus packages have been introduced with measures aimed at the municipality's business sector. In March 2021, a fourth package was initiated to strengthen the unity in society.

This is how Lund municipality aims to strengthen society during the corona pandemic (March 2021, in Swedish)

Lund municipality presents a third stimulus package containing measures for Lund's business sector (November 2020, in Swedish)

As part of the third company package, all employees in Lund municipality also receive a staff bonus in the form of a digital gift card of SEK 1,000 that can be used in the local business community in Lund.

More information about the staff bonus

Lund Municipality launches a crisis- package of measures to help Lund's entrepreneurs and associations (March 2020)

Lunda support - free advice to companies with regard to covid-19

Lunda support offers free advice to businesses and organizations via Lund's major players for innovation and entrepreneurship.

You can reach Lunda support weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm by phone 046-359 90 20 or via e-mail:

Lund Municipality’s One-point entry

Lund Municipality’s One-point entry for business is here to help and navigate you correctly when doing and setting up a business as well as listening to what challenges your business may be facing during the current situation.

E-mail One-point entry

Temporary pandemic law exemption

As of January 10, 2021, a temporary covid-19 law applies in Sweden. According to this law, the government and authorities can decide on restrictions and measures to prevent the transmission of infection. With the support of this law exemption, the government has also decided on a so-called restriction ordinance which entails a maximum number of visitors in shops and gyms, among other places.

The County Administrative Board ensures the decisions are followed. Lund municipality collaborates with the County Administrative Board on various things, such as sharing experiences with the supervision of congestion.

Temporary infection control measures in food and drink premises

To prevent the transmission of infection, an exemption on temporary measures for infection control at food and drink premises will apply from 1 July 2020. The person who runs such premises is responsible for ensuring that the premises and associated outdoor areas (even at entrances to such premises and areas) are designed so that congestion is avoided and that visitors can keep a safe distance from each other from an infection control point of view.

Opening hours

From 1 March 2021, the Public Health Agency have tightened the rules for all food and drink premises. The premises must be closed for any consumption on site between 20.30 and 05.00.

Food and drink premises must be vacated and closed for serving activities no later than 20:30.

All food and drink premises can remain open to sell food and drink (not alcohol) that is not consumed on site, i.e. pick-up / take away / home delivery.

Food and drink premises in shopping centers

In the case of food and drink premises that form part of a trading venue and cannot be accessed through separate entrances, each visitor group can consist of only one person (with the exception of children and others in need of support) instead of four. The term trading venue refers to venues such as, shops, shopping centers, department stores, and malls.

The municipalities are responsible for supervision and also have the authority to issue injunctions and temporarily close a restaurant. For comments on restaurants, contact the Environmental Administration:

More information about permits for serving and contact information to the Alcohol licensing authority