The village streets

At the eastern edge of Brunnshög, you can find “the village streets” – six narrow streets leading straight out into the agricultural landscape and Kunskapsparken.


Along these streets, which are inspired by the classic streets of villages in Skåne, there will be terrace houses, semi-detached houses and a few detached houses of varying character and with two to three floors. The houses will lie close together, which along with the rows of trees will provide protection from the wind. The idea with these streets is to offer a more rural housing alternative in close vicinity to the more urban Brunnshög. Here, you will have access to agricultural land, room for animals and small businesses – without needing a car. Public services – such as schools, preschools and shops – are within comfortable cycling distance.

The development is given a rural character thanks to smaller houses with large open areas and agricultural land just around the corner. This allows Lund to offer housing and business opportunities close to the urban area combined with all the qualities of the countryside