Prepared for the future

Construction began on southern Brunnshög in 2015. It is impossible to foresee the future and predict when the last stage will be finished. But what we can know for sure is that the urban development ideals will change along the way. Brunnshög’s flexible method counts on this.


Brunnshög is currently divided into various sub-districts. A selection of these are described in the links below.

Southern Brunnshög

Central Brunnshög

Science Village


The village streets

Brunnshög is to remain at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. This requires a city district in constant development and change to keep up with the times. At the same time, Brunnshög will never be finished – the district is being shaped gradually and will continue to develop even when construction is completed. For this reason, Brunnshög’s mix of urban and green spaces is flexible and adaptable to future needs.