About Brunnshög

Two world-class research facilities. The vision of creating a meeting place for people, nature and culture. And the importance of a sustainable lifestyle. Welcome to Brunnshög – Lund’s new neighbourhood.

Visionsbild Brunnshög, ESS, MAX IV A district to thrive in

Brunnshög realises the ambition of a city that is able to produce more energy than it needs. It is also a place where we can continue to cultivate the land, even as the urban landscape expands. Brunnshög shall provide a flourish of activities for all different tastes, in the form of parks and courtyards, and passageways and research facilities. Public transport by tram, cycling and walking will replace the majority of car journeys, and – together – we will make the best collective use of resources.

Illustration: White Arkitekter.

Visionsbild Kunskapsparken Dag Mandaworks The best land is just around the corner

Brunnshög is situated in the zone where the city meets the countryside, where fertile agricultural fields come into contact with the built-up urban environment. This provides the neighbourhood with the best of both worlds – the lifestyle and opportunities presented by the city combined with close proximity to vegetation and greenery.

Illustration: Mandaworks.

ESS Surrounded by knowledge

Around 8,000 researchers from around the world are expected to visit the district each year, making it a new centre for material research. This naturally gives Brunnshög an international and multilingual flair. The urban environment in Brunnshög is to contribute to synergies between facilities, researchers and society – in Brunnshög, a spectrum of sites are created to support and enable new types of connections between researchers, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Illustration: ESS.