Welcome to the International School of Lund Katedralskolan, ISLK

ISLK has had a fantastic school start this year with staff in place, good feedback from parents and happy faces of students in the corridors. It was great to see so many of you mingling at the Meet and Greet last week. Thank you for coming and thank you for supporting the school and our vision.

Healthy snacks
We encourage students to bring a snack to school since many children have long days. Remember that snacks need to be healthy- fruits, vegetables or a sandwich. No sweets, biscuits, juices or fizzy drinks. And remember. NO nuts since we have some students with severe allergies in the school, please ensure your child has a snack every day.

The ELT work in close collaboration with the parents and teachers association and we meet the committee almost once a month. We conduct meetings for all parents interested, a couple of times per term. 
If you have any questions for the PTA you can email them at pta.islk@outlook.com

International School of Lund Katedralskolan (ISLK)

Linnégatan 2,224 60 Lund

(+46) 46 359 45 42