Science Road

The Science Road is the main development area of Lund in the coming decades. It stretches from the city centre to Brunnshög in the northeast.

The Science Road(Swedish: Kunskapsstråket)is the setting of the investment project Sustainable Knowledge City Lund NE, which lasts from 2010 to 2014. Five partners, the National Property Board Sweden, Akademiska Hus, Ikano Kontor, AF Bostäder and the City of Lund, cooperate in order to demonstrate sustainable measures in reality.

Innovation and sustainable mobility

Innovative energy solutions, densification of the university campus, sustainable mobility focusing on people’s needs, a green city and a new sustainable meeting place will be realized. Thanks to the support with 48 million SEK from the governmental Delegation for Sustainable Cities, a total investment up to 160 million SEK is made possible.

Collaboration is key

The project is an important driver of the sustainable urban development of Lund. Broad collaboration within the project and with other stakeholders is important for the project’s success. Through seminars, workshops and study visits the results a large audience can share the experiences from the project. The plan is not to finish the work when the project time ends, but to develop new ideas and collaborations that will continue the work for a sustainable urban development of Lund.

Faktaansvarig: Brunnshögsprojektet