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Gymnasieskolan Spyken - A place to learn in an open and friendly atmosphere! 

Welcome to Spyken

Spyken Upper Secondary School,

founded more than 150 years ago, has a long history of high academic achievement and good results. Our school is situated in the centre of Lund - a university town in the south of Sweden. At the moment we are just above 1,200 students and 110 teachers out of 150 members of staff. The students are in the ages of 15 to 19 years old.

Today, we offer

a wide range of educational programmes – The Arts (Music), The Natural Sciences, The Humanities and The Social Sciences, preparing the students for higher education. All our educational programmes are led by a Head Teacher, who forms a board of school leaders led by our Head Mistress, Mrs Karin Stavne.

Teachers and staff

are highly qualified and our administration is well functioning. At our school, we aim to educate the whole person of each individual student, in order to develop qualifications, skills, and personal qualities needed to successfully face working life and higher education. 


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